Paid links already have less (if no) value

The point about paid links and spam report is that Google is already able to understand which links are paid and which not. And Google is already devaluating paid links.

Asking users to be a spy on paid links won’t work too much. Yes, ok, someone in the world knows for sure about a website who’s buying/selling links, but most of them can know about links only if they are involved. They should admit “I buy links” or “I sell links”. It won’t happen, of course. And most of spam reports about paid links will be just undemonstrable.

Google won’t be able to know about tons of paid links. As long as you don’t use Google Checkout to pay/cash or Gmail to negotiate…

But they are pushing SEOs to most sophisticated paid links. For example, no links on footer anymore, but instead put a link with the right anchor in a paragraph that speaks about the right topic. They already work better today. And tomorrow we’ll see much more about this phenomenon.

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) OUT!

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is finally out.

Waiting for…

Sure a lot of people are waiting for today’s release of new Ubuntu, Feisty. I’m even having problems browsing

Maybe they understood Vista wasn’t worth.


If they say that, it must be true.

Evil’s motto

Don’t be Google.

SEO is easy

I think Search Engine Optimization is easy. You just have to create a spiderable and usable structure, write good content and get popular. That’s it.

No coincidence

Did you ever notice Google Webmaster Guidelines are a sort of summary of W3C Quality Tips for Webmasters?


Friday the 13th: a good day to spend $3.1 Billion. Fearless.

Setting up

Setting up this brand new blog and i’m already having some problem. Nice…

First update: it looks like you have to have at least one post on your post before you can use Feedburner (btw, i’m using this plugin to manage feed stuff), because an empty feed returns a 404 error, even though the feed is there.

Second update: switched to a widgetized theme, because widgets rock.

Third update: of course, i’m using dofollow, a plugin that remove rel=”nofollow” from links in comments. Why would I want nofollow on moderate comments?

Fourth update: and since i’m a lazy ass and i don’t want to play with css to display links better than the theme does, i’m using Link Indication, that does even more.

Fifth update: social bookmarks come with Bookmark Widget.

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