About me

I started working in 2000 as system administrator (mainly Linux platforms). In 2004, i started working as SEO. Since then, while working as SEO, i gained a lot of experience and improved my skills in basically anything related to digital marketing including (but still not limited to):

  • site management;
  • social media marketing;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • email marketing;
  • copywriting;
  • web analytics;
  • conversion rate optimization;
  • brand reputation.

Nowadays, I would be more frequently called just growth hacker (but I don’t like this term, to be honest).

For several years, I worked in many industries (mainly travel and e-commerce). Since the beginning of 2010, I started working in the iGaming industry bringing long-term results.

I live in Malta, where i moved from Italy in 2010 to work as SEO in the iGaming industry. I worked in big companies like Betsson and small startups like Hero Gaming, the innovative company behind the brand Casino Heroes.

I’m currently Managing Director @ Must, an SEO agency specialised.

In the limited spare time, I’m working on Beer.com.mt, a personal project about one of my favourite things (food&beverage are in general a very important part of my life!), and helping some friend developing their own projects like Casino Focus and Slot Mania (iGaming is an industry where I gained quite a lot of experience, after more than 8 years).

If you need me, just contact me on LinkedIn.

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