A beautiful apartment in Rome

A few weeks ago i’ve been in Rome for a meeting. Maybe one day i’ll talk about this meeting, since we discussed a very interesting project, but today i just want to give my link love to the apartment in Trastevere where i stayed.

Trastevere is great because it’s full of life and this apartment is located in a nice small street with a lot of pubs and restaurant.

And there’s even pizzeria Nerone, where you can eat my favourite kind of pizza: pizza with ‘nduja. Yum!

The apartment is very nice (pictures on that page tell you exactly what you will find) and if you need a place to stay in Rome, i really suggest to give it a try. However, i think other accomodations must be as good as the one i tried.


  1. Nice.. I double checked the post and I saw the apartment you rented!


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